• YUTOECO x SPC Impact: Exploring new ideas for packaging sustainability
    2024-04-05 YUTOECO x SPC Impact: Exploring new ideas for packaging sustainability
    SPC Impact is the flagship spring event of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Over 800 packaging and sustainability professionals representing the entire packaging value chain will convene in New Orleans for 3 days to learn, discuss, get inspired and bring back actionable takeaways. The SPC is a membership-based collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. SPC Impact 2024 brought together 800+ industry experts, 100+ speakers, and 40+ exhibitors, showcasing diverse eco-friendly solutions across sectors. As a sustainability solution pioneer beyond packaging and a proud sponsor, YUTOECO showcased our innovative eco-friendly products. With novel materials and unique designs, we offer sustainable packaging solutions to diverse brands. During this event, YUTOECO earned many attractions from the visitors, and did deep discussion surrounding new materials applications and product design concepts. ECO Lucent Membrane With the ongoing trend of plastic reduction, many packaging companies adopt "Paper Instead of Plastic" solutions to combat plastic pollution. However, this shift has introduced a new challenge: transparency. YUTOECO's ECO Lucent Membrane is a cellulose film derived from plant fiber. Boasting rapid soil degradation and home compostability, it ensures minimal environmental impact. Moreover, it's food-grade, guaranteeing safety, with exceptional mechanical properties for superior protection. Its multifunctional nature offers anti-fog, waterproofing, and heat-sealing capabilities. With versatile applications spanning food, baking, and pharmaceutical packaging, this innovation brings more possibility to the packaging industry and highlights the importance of sustainability and innovation. Adjustable Box Maximizing the use of packaging is a breakthrough point for sustainable packaging. Currently, most paper packaging on the market cannot be reused. Even if it can be reused, its fixed structure limits its applications. YUTOECO's adjustable boxes can freely adjust the size to better fit internal products, making them suitable for containing various types of products. Meanwhile, the adjustable size reduces gaps inside the box, minimizing vacant space and transportation volume, thus reducing carbon emissions during transportation. Its durability and adaptability enable repeated use, reducing the use of new materials and waste generation, thereby conserving natural resources. It can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle, achieving resource circulation. In addition, YUTOECO also showcased our diverse eco-friendly products at this event, such as plant fiber packaging, which can be widely applied in consumer electronics, personal care products, food, and other fields. We also introduced eco-friendly plant fiber cat litter, a patented wrapping technology, lightweight, biodegradable, and with extremely low dust, making it an innovative eco-friendly cat litter. YUTOECO has always adhered to the concept of "Turn ...
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  • Adjustable Box: The Future of Sustainability, Efficiency, and Innovation
    2024-03-13 Adjustable Box: The Future of Sustainability, Efficiency, and Innovation
    With the continuous development of the global economy, the packaging industry is also advancing rapidly. In this age of information explosion, consumer demands for products are becoming increasingly diverse and personalized. At the same time, the strengthening of environmental awareness is driving the packaging industry towards a more sustainable direction. However, traditional packaging boxes face some challenges in meeting these demands. Currently, the packaging industry faces many issues, one of which is how to better adapt to the size and shape of products. Traditional packaging boxes are often fixed in size, while products come in various shapes and sizes. This results in gaps inside the packaging boxes, increasing packaging costs and reducing packaging efficiency. Additionally, the space occupied by packaging boxes during transportation and storage is also a concern, especially for e-commerce and logistics industries, where space utilization efficiency directly affects costs and benefits. To address current packaging issues, YUTOECO has innovatively developed an adjustable box. The unique feature of this packaging box is its adjustable size (length or width), which can flexibly adapt to products of different sizes and shapes, reducing gap filling and greatly improving packaging efficiency. At the same time, its adjustable design minimizes volume when not in use, optimizing storage and transportation space, improving transportation efficiency, and reducing costs. This innovation not only brings economic benefits but also has a positive impact on the environment because reduced transportation space also means reduced carbon emissions, contributing to climate change mitigation. Moreover, this box is made of durable corrugated paper material, which can be reused multiple times and is suitable for products of various shapes, further enhancing its sustainability and lifespan. Finally, if the adjustable box reaches the end of its life cycle after multiple reuses, it can be recycled, allowing it to be reused in a resource-friendly manner. In summary, our adjustable box is not only a revolution in traditional packaging but also a commitment to environmental protection, efficiency, and innovation. We believe that with the widespread application of adjustable boxes, it will bring new vitality and possibilities to the future development of the packaging industry.
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  • YUTOECO and SATINE's Collaboration Unveils the 100% Plant Fiber Milk Box
    2024-01-25 YUTOECO and SATINE's Collaboration Unveils the 100% Plant Fiber Milk Box
    In the new trend of ESG carbon reduction and environmental protection, higher demands are placed on various industries. The dairy industry, as a significant part of the food and beverage sector, is particularly faced with social issues such as green development, carbon reduction, and the practice of social responsibility. SATINE, as a practitioner and leader in sustainable development, has been committed to providing consumers with more environmentally friendly and lower-carbon green products. In 2022, the "100% Plant Fiber Milk Ball" produced by YUTOECO for SATINE, was launched on the "National Low Carbon Day," powerfully leading the trend of green and low-carbon living. Following the Plant Fiber Milk Ball, at the beginning of the New Year in 2024, SATINE surprises with the "Hulunbuir Winter Prairie Limited Edition Eco-friendly Gift Box"! 01. Inspired by the Hulunbuir Winter Prairie to Interpret a Good Organic Life YUTOECO has always advocated the concept of "turning waste into treasure, efficiently utilizing natural resources," aligning perfectly with SATINE's principle of "taking from nature, giving back to nature." The designer used the "winter prairie" as a visual scene, with natural bagasse and bamboo fiber as raw materials. The box is environmentally friendly with no printing or ink, and it naturally degrades after use, returning to nature. This winter limited edition eco-friendly gift box highlights the brand's organic philosophy. 02. Integrated Design Balances Aesthetics and Functionality Traditional plant fiber packaging focuses more on protecting the product, but the weight of milk often requires additional tote bags for support. To solve this issue, in the exterior design, the designer deliberately added a handle to the gift box, giving it both protective and weight-bearing functions, perfectly maintaining the integrity of the gift box. Simultaneously, the semi-open structure is user-friendly for consumers. 03. Restore the Natural Ecological Texture of Nature With undulating shades, the pure white of ice and snow is fully displayed in the blank spaces, integrating the beauty of embossment process with plant fiber material to restore the purity and cleanliness of the Hulunbuir Winter Prairie. The designer has incorporated the concept of sustainable development throughout the entire gift box design, allowing for more possibilities and continuity in SATINE's subsequent seasonal limited edition gift box designs. A good prairie nurtures good organic milk, and good materials create excellent product packaging. YUTOECO assists SATINE in saluting the organic vitality on the winter prairie.
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  • YUTOECO & GREENRIVER Public Welfare Training | Challenges and Thinking on Environmental Protection
    2023-12-27 YUTOECO & GREENRIVER Public Welfare Training | Challenges and Thinking on Environmental Protection
    Currently, plastic pollution has become a global environmental issue second only to climate change, posing great challenges to global sustainable development. As a responsible developing country, China actively contributes to plastic pollution control, and this effort not only relies on the efforts of environmental public welfare organizations but also requires the dedication of Chinese enterprises. On December 23, 2023, at the invitation of GREENRIVER, YUTOECO conducted a unique environmental public welfare training for GREENRIVER volunteers in Shenzhen. The main speaker for this training was Dean Cheng from the YUTOECO R&D Institute. He eloquently covered three aspects, from the "urgent plastic problem" to the "treatment and challenges of plastic waste," and YUTOECO's efforts and innovations in addressing plastic pollution. The purpose of this training was to interpret plastic pollution from a professional perspective, disseminate knowledge about environmentally friendly packaging, enhance the professional competence of volunteers, and better address the challenges of global plastic pollution. Currently, the problem of plastic pollution is widespread, and has a deep and severe impact on the Earth's environment. In the process of plastic recycling, there are also problems such as complex processing, low efficiency, and high technical costs. At the same time, the waste disposal process can cause greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, leading to serious harm to the Earth's environment and biodiversity. Environmental protection is urgent in such circumstances and needs immediate solutions. As a leading brand under YUTO, YUTOECO has always focused on practicing and promoting sustainable concepts at various levels. In addition to the impact of the brand itself, YUTOECO actively collaborates with environmental public welfare organizations, learning from each other to promote the long-term development of environmental protection and jointly create a green life for everyone. Founded in 1995, GREENRIVER aims to promote and organize activities for the protection of the natural ecological environment in the river basin area, enhance the environmental awareness and ethics of the whole society, and strive for the sustainable development of the social economy in the basin. Over the years, GREENRIVER has undertaken projects such as the protection of the Kekexili Tibetan antelope, monitoring the retreat of glaciers in the Yangtze River source, biodiversity surveys in the Yanzhanggua canyon, garbage removal and research along the Qinghai-Tibet Line, protection and population surveys of bar-headed geese, and garbage recycling along National Highway 318. Volunteers have participated in dozens or even hundreds of volunteer activities, walking a difficult but steadfast path in environmental protection. During the discussion and exchange, GREENRIVER volunteers actively asked questions, engaging in passionate discussions with Dean Cheng, sharing pollution problem...
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  • YUTOECO's Journey in Sustainable Food Packaging Innovation: Crafting Efficient, Eco-Friendly Solutions
    2023-12-19 YUTOECO's Journey in Sustainable Food Packaging Innovation: Crafting Efficient, Eco-Friendly Solutions
    Food packaging is a crucial industry; however, it is also facing escalating environmental challenges. The quantity of food packaging consumed annually is vast, and plastic food packaging constitutes a significant portion. According to statistics, nearly 40% of all plastics produced worldwide today are used for food and beverage packaging. While paper packaging is considered relatively environmentally friendly, it also presents a series of recycling challenges. For instance, the surface lamination is often difficult to separate and recycle. Additionally, the product and brand information on packaging currently mostly use fossil-based ink printing, which does not naturally degrade. Therefore, even using paper packaging, the ink itself can contribute to environmental pollution. Although there are continually new recyclable plastic packaging products entering the market, the current global plastic recycling system remains imperfect. Different types of plastics are challenging for recycling, resulting in a relatively low recycling rate for plastic packaging. Even in developed countries like the United States, the urban plastic recycling rate was only 5%-6% in 2021. As environmental awareness gradually increases today, there is an urgent need to find more sustainable food packaging solutions to mitigate adverse environmental impacts. YUTOECO, as a sustainability solution pioneer beyond packaging, offers a series of eco-friendly packaging solutions for the existing mainstream applications. For the catering industry, with the continuous expansion of the takeout business in recent years, the use of takeout packaging has significantly increased. Traditional takeout packaging is mainly made of plastic, which does not degrade under natural conditions. As the use of plastic containers increases, so does the environmental impact. To address this issue, YUTOECO adopts natural plant fibers such as bamboo and sugarcane to produce biodegradable packaging boxes for the takeout industry. These pulp-molded boxes fulfill all the requirements of takeout containers, including waterproof, greaseproof, and sealed properties. In response to the PFAS ban requirements in some countries, YUTOECO can also provide PFAS-free solutions to meet diverse customer needs. This molded pulp packaging effectively reduces the catering industry's dependence on traditional plastic containers, emphasizing environmental consciousness and promoting sustainable development in the catering sector. In addition to being applied in the takeout industry, these eco-friendly containers can also be used in areas such as retail, supermarkets, coffee roasting, and more. For fresh food packaging, it is often necessary to ensure the freshness of the food for an extended period. Due to the excellent performance of plastics, the majority of current fresh food packaging predominantly consists of an all-plastic design, resulting in a considerable amount of plastic waste and causing significant environmental po...
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  • How Eco-Friendly Packaging Catalyzes a Green Shift in Consumer Habits?
    2023-11-22 How Eco-Friendly Packaging Catalyzes a Green Shift in Consumer Habits?
    In an era dominated by environmental concerns, the packaging industry has become a key player in driving sustainable practices. Beyond its functional role, packaging has evolved into a powerful influencer of consumer habits, particularly with the rise of eco-friendly alternatives. This article delves into the multifaceted impact of eco-friendly packaging on consumer behavior, exploring how it acts as a catalyst for a substantial shift toward greener consumption habits. Winning Hearts with Green Practices When consumers stroll through supermarket aisles, the visual allure of a product often dictates their choices. Studies show that eco-friendly packaging has a significant impact on first impressions. A survey conducted by Bain & Company shows 71% of European consumers claim they want to buy sustainable products. Conventional alternatives purely based on the visual appeal will not be a best choice for current consumers. This signals a paradigm shift, where sustainability is becoming a primary factor in the consumer's decision-making process. Brands adopting eco-friendly packaging strategies are witnessing a transformation in brand loyalty dynamics. A survey by Cone Communications found that 91% of consumers are likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause, and 62% are willing to pay more for products from such a brand. This shift indicates that consumers are not merely buying products; they are investing in a brand's ethos and environmental responsibility. A Shared Commitment to the Planet Eco-friendly packaging stands at the forefront of a green revolution, orchestrating a profound shift in how we perceive waste and assume responsibility for our environment. Beyond its evident impact on waste reduction, this eco-conscious choice is steering nations towards a future where plastic waste ceases to dominate the landscape. As consumers, we find ourselves at the nexus of this transformative journey. It's not just about opting for eco-friendly packaging; it's an acknowledgment of our role as custodians of the planet. The connection forged between sustainable packaging and environmental responsibility is intuitive and deeply resonant. It's a narrative that speaks to our collective conscience, urging us to make choices that transcend convenience and prioritize the health of our planet. The influence of eco-friendly packaging extends far beyond the confines of a product's exterior. As consumers embrace sustainable packaging, it becomes a gateway to broader lifestyle changes. In conclusion, eco-friendly packaging isn't merely a trend; it's a driving force behind a fundamental shift in consumer habits. From influencing purchasing decisions to fostering a sense of shared responsibility, sustainable packaging is at the forefront of shaping a greener future. Brands that embrace and champion these eco-friendly practices are not only meeting consumer demands but are also leading the charge toward a more sustainable and conscious world.
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  • YUTOECO's Plant-based ECO Lucent Membrane: An Eco-friendly Visible Solution for Packaging
    2023-10-31 YUTOECO's Plant-based ECO Lucent Membrane: An Eco-friendly Visible Solution for Packaging
    The molded pulp packaging industry stands out in sustainable development. However, in the evolving process, a longstanding consumer complaint has become a significant pain point for the industry: visibility. Traditional solutions often use transparent plastic to realize the visibility of packaging, but this creates a new sustainability problem - excessive reliance on plastic. Currently, the global plastic recycling systems are far from perfect, with only a tiny fraction of plastics being effectively recycled, placing a heavy burden on the environment. YUTOECO's innovation is driving industry transformation. We've introduced a functional transparent film with 100% cellulose substrate, an innovation that achieves both sustainability and visibility of packaging, which is food-grade and meets the requirements of food contact materials, ensuring food safety. At present, this kind of technology has been applied to one of our catering clients. This plant-based lucent membrane boasts remarkable performance. Firstly, it is non-toxic, odorless, free from halogens. It features excellent mechanical properties and suitable surface tension, offering superior protection. Moreover, this multi-functional material offers anti-fog, waterproof, and heat-sealing capabilities while maintaining transparency. Importantly, YUTOECO's Eco lucent membrane has gotten "NO PLASTICS" Report from the third-party testing lab, and Industrial & Home Compostable Certificates (Seedling) from DIN Certco. It's eco-friendly, which can rapidly degrade in soil, causing no secondary pollution, making it remarkably environmentally friendly. What's more, the applications of this plant-based cellulose film are extensive, including visible lunchboxes, baking packaging, and even pharmaceutical packaging. This innovation not only ensures the sustainability of molded fiber packaging but also brings new opportunities and possibilities to the entire industry. It reflects that sustainability and innovation are indispensable trends in the packaging industry. In the future, YUTOECO will be continuously dedicated to packaging R&D and promoting more innovative and sustainable products to the market. We look forward to more innovations and sustainability solutions, propelling the pulp molding packaging industry toward a greener and more sustainable future.
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  • Takeaway Food Packaging: Green and Sustainable Solutions
    2023-10-16 Takeaway Food Packaging: Green and Sustainable Solutions
    The takeaway packaging industry is experiencing a green and sustainable trend driven by multiple factors. Firstly, global emphasis on sustainability is on the rise, with governments worldwide actively implementing policies and standards to promote the green and low-carbon development of the takeaway industry. Secondly, consumer environmental awareness is rapidly increasing, with more people inclined to choose eco-friendly packaging and willing to pay extra for sustainable packaging. Simultaneously, catering businesses are actively following this trend, with eco-friendly packaging becoming an industry benchmark. As a result, more foodservice companies are responding positively by introducing distinctive eco-friendly packaging to establish new brand images. According to reports, in 2021, China's catering industry reached an impressive 4.6895 trillion CNY, and this number is expected to surge to 5.5635 trillion CNY by 2025. As of the end of 2021, there were already 540 million takeaway users, with takeaway income accounting for 21.4% of total catering income. When choosing dining options, consumers are increasingly favoring the convenience of ordering takeout over dining in. Functional Requirements for Takeaway Packaging For takeaway packaging, besides preserving the taste of dishes when they reach consumers, there are high-performance demands. Long delivery times necessitate takeaway packaging that's waterproof, greaseproof, heat-retaining, breathable, and capable of withstanding high and low temperatures. Moreover, takeaway packaging needs to adapt to various situations during its journey from the restaurant to the consumer and eventual disposal, which means the packaging structure should be easy to handle, robust, leak-resistant, and have good visibility while remaining environmentally friendly. Additionally, packaging must effectively display the client's brand information to enhance their brand image. Takeaway Packaging Solutions YUTOECO has been committed to providing the catering industry with green and sustainable solutions to meet the growing demands and challenges. We offer the following innovative solutions to address various issues in takeaway packaging, ensuring that food remains in optimal condition throughout delivery and upon arrival. Waterproof and Greaseproof At YUTOECO, we offer a range of waterproof and greaseproof solutions for takeaway packaging. Our conventional solutions use waterproof and oil-resistant agents added to the pulp during molding, providing waterproof and oil-resistant properties. This solution works effectively across a wide temperature range, from refrigeration to microwave heating. For high-water and high-oil foods, such as soups and noodles, we provide long-term waterproof and oilproof solutions, adopting lamination or coating to enhance packaging's ability to resist water and oil and ensure food remains fresh and maintains its taste. High and Low-Temperature Resistance Our packaging offers excellent high and...
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  • YUTOECO was invited to participate in the China-Denmark Sustainable Packaging Seminar
    2023-09-20 YUTOECO was invited to participate in the China-Denmark Sustainable Packaging Seminar
    On September 14th, the "China-Denmark Food Packaging Seminar," was successfully held at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai. Supported by the Danish Ministry of Environment, the event was jointly organized by the China Packaging Federation, the Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai, and the Danish Innovation Center. Mr. Howard Ma, Vice President of YUTOECO, was invited as one of the Chinese corporate representatives to participate in the seminar and share insights. The seminar aimed to listen to the voices of enterprises and invited industry representatives to speak openly in a roundtable format. Danish corporate representatives participated online, while Chinese corporate representatives joined in person. As a leading domestic packaging company in China and an explorer of sustainable packaging, YUTOECO’s Vice President, Howard Ma, delivered a presentation on "Packaging Innovation: Driving Sustainable Development Through New Ideas and Technologies." He expressed that despite challenges such as pricing, supply chains, user experiences, and the limitations of product roles, packaging companies are willing to actively take on the social responsibility of managing packaging waste. The roundtable discussions ranged from industry development to opportunities for sustainability. Participants provided unique insights into what may change and remain unchanged in the industry over the next three to five years, creating a rich and insightful exchange of ideas. In the future, YUTOECO will continue to focus on its core business and embrace an open approach, contributing wisdom and strength to promote sustainable packaging and high-level international cooperation.
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