As a sub-brand of YUTO, YUTOECO is committed to creating a green life for everyone. Adhere to the concept of "Turn waste into treasure and make efficient use of natural resources", YUTOECO will integrate energy-saving and efficient production modes seeking coexistence with nature into all stages of product, such as raw material selection, design and manufacturing, and gradually upgrades ecological and environmental protection on the basis of product performance and appearance.
Make Your Packaging More Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable

    Eco-friendly plant fiber packaging

    New biodegradable packaging

  • Easy to recycle
    Adopts eco-friendly printing technology such as UV printing to improve the recycling rate of packaging
  • Reduction
    Reduce the use of packaging materials.  (Available to design an eco-friendly container with only one corrugated paper without adhesive and using less ink, which improves the usage rate of paper to 98%.)
  • Reuse
    Design more functions to packaging to make it available to be reuse
  • Plastic reduction
    Reduce the use of plastic in packaging
Forefront Sustainable Packaging Practice
  • Plastic-reduction solutions for fresh foods
    Plastic-reduction solutions for fresh foods
    YUTOECO and MULTIVAC, a world’s leading packaging equipment and complete line supplier, reached a strategic partnership to create more cutting-edge sustainable and innovative solutions for eco-friendly food packaging, and to bring products of the trend of plastic reduction and de-plasticization packaging to the Chinese and even global markets.
  • Totally plant fiber ice cream packaging
    Totally plant fiber ice cream packaging
    YUTOECO cooperated with Chicecream, the famous Chinese ice cream brand, to develop totally paper-based ice cream packaging. This ice cream packaging is an innovative and eco-friendly packaging specially designed by YUTOECO. From the body to the lid, the entire ice cream tray is made from natural plant fiber, without any plastic elements. Also, the information on the box lid is printed with eco-friendly UV printing, without the need for a sleeve, reflecting the design concept of reduced packaging.

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