Sustainable development is an indispensable part of YUTO's business strategy, which is one of our core businesses. YUTO adopts a development strategy of being a "green, eco-friendly and low-carbon" technology enterprise, and “insists on technological innovation, develops intelligent manufacturing, improves resource efficiency, creates excellent eco-friendly products and practices low-carbon operation”, which is the mission and vision of the Company’s sustainable development. The Company actively performs environmental and social responsibilities, and advocates sustainable development.
YUTO Sustainability Report 2021
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Key areas of sustainability
ECO products and raw materials
  • R&D of Eco-friendly products
    R&D of Eco-friendly products
  • Purchase and application of Eco-friendly raw materials
    Purchase and application of Eco-friendly raw materials
  • Sustainable forest and biodiversity protection
    Sustainable forest and biodiversity protection
  • Excellent design solution
    Excellent design solution
Climate change & resources management
  • Climate change and carbon management
    Climate change and carbon management
  • Energy management
    Energy management
  • Water resource management
    Water resource management
  • The three wastes management
    The three wastes management
Sustainable Production
Under the guideline of the sustainable development concept, YUTO took many effective measures for energy-saving, emission reduction, green production, and eco-friendly packaging, and actively carried out the policies of resource-saving and protecting the environment, to discover the road of corporate's sustainable development and build a resource-saving and environmentally friendly enterprise.
  • Carbon Emission Reduction
    Carbon Emission Reduction
    We have fulfilled carbon emission verification compliance and reduced carbon emissions at an average annual carbon intensity reduction rate of 6.18%. From 2016 to 2021, the industry benchmark carbon intensity decreased from 0.978 to 0.609, while our headquarters base's compliance carbon intensity was reduced from 0.547 to 0.378.
  • Solar Power Generation
    Solar Power Generation

    We have built 5 solar photovoltaic power stations, with a power generation capacity of 5.91 million kWh in 2021. In the future, we plan to build 3 additional solar PV power plants in 2022, with an estimated electricity generation of 13 million kWh; by 2025, we expect to build more than 10 solar PV power plants. In addition, we are also acquiring green power through purchasing green power certificates. In 2021, the cumulative green power usage totaled 15.91 million kWh.

  • Waste Gas Treatment
    Waste Gas Treatment

    All production bases have been covered with waste gas treatment facilities, and some of the subsidiaries have launched the waste gas online monitoring system to monitor waste gas factors in real time and ensure that the treated waste gas meets relevant standards.

  • Waste Water Treatment
    Waste Water Treatment

    YUTO has built 15 wastewater treatment stations at our production bases nationwide, and is committed to reducing the waste water emission and reusing the water, and ensuring that all treated wastewater meets the discharge requirements at the domestic and regional levels where we have the business operations.

  • Solid Waste Management
    Solid Waste Management

    We have continued to promote the zero waste to landfill project in order to achieve waste reduction, harmless waste treatment and resource reusing. Currently, there are 3 factories of YUTO that have passed the Platinum Zero Waste to Landfill Certification.

Green Factory
Green Factory
Since 2019, we have been carrying out the building of green factories featuring energy conservation. We designed and constructed the factories according to national codes of energy-saving building, such as using new energy-saving wall materials; we required all new plants to adopt solar photovoltaic systems, and built solar power generation facilities on the roofs or open spaces of production bases. We have ensured the economical operation of energy-consuming equipment, chosen energy-saving equipment, and continued to renovate existing equipment with high energy and material consumption. Furthermore, we have optimized our processes to reduce energy consumption and material waste in production. In October 2020, our headquarter base was awarded the national “Green Factory”.
We are on the move for sustainable development
Promoting Waste Management and Circular Economy
Promoting Waste Management and Circular Economy
In mid-July 2021, YUTOECO joined hands with Unilever’s Omo, the China Packaging Federation, GREENRIVER and many leading companies in the industry to launch the initiative of “Safeguarding Sanjiangyuan”, to promote knowledge on the classification of plastic packaging and its impact on the environment. The participants visited the source of the Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang rivers to conduct a garbage survey and pick up garbage in some sections of the rivers, to understand the varieties and distribution of garbage and the consequent pollution, and to promote the recycling of plastic packaging.
Marine Environmental Protection Activity Series – Plastic-free Ocean, Free Life
Marine Environmental Protection Activity Series – Plastic-free Ocean, Free Life
YUTOECO joined hands with Dive for Love, Hun Juice and other organizations to participate in the “September 9, Public Welfare Day” to protect marine biodiversity in Dapeng Peninsula by cleaning up marine litter together with volunteers. Experts from YUTOECO R&D Institute explained the harm of marine plastic pollution to biodiversity. In addition, we also plan to work with the Shenzhen Ocean Library, Dive Love and other public welfare organizations, using Shenzhen’s sea area as a sample, to conduct research on undersea garbage and publish a white paper on the findings to promote marine garbage classification.

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