Environmentally Friendly Packaging
The eco-friendly packaging products of YUTOECO are all made from natural plant fiber, which can be biodegraded under natural conditions, meeting clients' high standard requirements of sustainable development.
Plant Fiber Catering Packaging Plant Fiber Catering Packaging
Plant Fiber Catering Packaging

Food safety; waterproof & oil-proof; microwave & refrigerator safe

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Adhere to the sustainable concept "Turn waste into treasure and make efficient use of natural resources", the raw materials of YUTOECO are all from natural materials and agricultural wastes; the raw material is renewable and will not cause a burden to the environment.
Eco-friendly Design
The design of YUTOECO strictly complies with the principle of "Environmental Protection: 3R's"; YUTOECO is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and creating a green life for everyone!
  • Easy to Recycle

    For laminated products, we adopt an easily separated design. It is easy to recycle after using the products
  • Reduction

    Under the situation of ensuring the necessary functions, we reduce the use of packaging materials
  • Plastic Reduction

    For products cannot be totally changed to eco-friendly products, plastic reduction solutions are available
  • Reuse

    Create practical functions for packaging through unique design
End Product Processing

End Product Processing

Give full consideration for the final processing of various consumer products, and provide various sustainable solutions for end products.
  • #Biodegradable
  • #Compostable
  • #Recyclable
If products are thrown into nature, they can be biodegraded into carbon dioxide and water. In addition, our products can be composted, including home compost and industrial compost, to provide fertilizer for the plants. Other paper packaging can be classified and recycled after use.
Why Do We Choose Eco-packaging?
  • Our earth needs more eco-friendly packaging

    Our earth needs more eco-friendly packaging

  • Many countries and regions have promulgated decrees of reducing plastic packaging

    Many countries and regions have promulgated decrees of reducing plastic packaging

  • Consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging

    Consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging

  • Many companies focus on sustainable development

    Many companies focus on sustainable development

  • How Eco-Friendly Packaging Catalyzes a Green Shift in Consumer Habits?
    How Eco-Friendly Packaging Catalyzes a Green Shift in Consumer Habits?
    In an era dominated by environmental concerns, the packaging industry has become a key player in driving sustainable practices. Beyond its functional role, packaging has evolved into a powerful influencer of consumer habits, particularly with the rise of eco-friendly alternatives. This article delves into the multifaceted impact of eco-friendly packaging on consumer behavior, exploring how it acts as a catalyst for a substantial shift toward greener consumption habits. Winning Hearts with Green Practices When consumers stroll through supermarket aisles, the visual allure of a product often dictates their choices. Studies show that eco-friendly packaging has a significant impact on first impressions. A survey conducted by Bain & Company shows 71% of European consumers claim they want to buy sustainable products. Conventional alternatives purely based on the visual appeal will not be a best choice for current consumers. This signals a paradigm shift, where sustainability is becoming a primary factor in the consumer's decision-making process. Brands adopting eco-friendly packaging strategies are witnessing a transformation in brand loyalty dynamics. A survey by Cone Communications found that 91% of consumers are likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause, and 62% are willing to pay more for products from such a brand. This shift indicates that consumers are not merely buying products; they are investing in a brand's ethos and environmental responsibility. A Shared Commitment to the Planet Eco-friendly packaging stands at the forefront of a green revolution, orchestrating a profound shift in how we perceive waste and assume responsibility for our environment. Beyond its evident impact on waste reduction, this eco-conscious choice is steering nations towards a future where plastic waste ceases to dominate the landscape. As consumers, we find ourselves at the nexus of this transformative journey. It's not just about opting for eco-friendly packaging; it's an acknowledgment of our role as custodians of the planet. The connection forged between sustainable packaging and environmental responsibility is intuitive and deeply resonant. It's a narrative that speaks to our collective conscience, urging us to make choices that transcend convenience and prioritize the health of our planet. The influence of eco-friendly packaging extends far beyond the confines of a product's exterior. As consumers embrace sustainable packaging, it becomes a gateway to broader lifestyle changes. In conclusion, eco-friendly packaging isn't merely a trend; it's a driving force behind a fundamental shift in consumer habits. From influencing purchasing decisions to fostering a sense of shared responsibility, sustainable packaging is at the forefront of shaping a greener future. Brands that embrace and champion these eco-friendly practices are not only meeting consumer demands but are also leading the charge toward a more sustainable and conscious world.
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  • YUTOECO's Plant-based ECO Lucent Membrane: An Eco-friendly Visible Solution for Packaging
    YUTOECO's Plant-based ECO Lucent Membrane: An Eco-friendly Visible Solution for Packaging
    The molded pulp packaging industry stands out in sustainable development. However, in the evolving process, a longstanding consumer complaint has become a significant pain point for the industry: visibility. Traditional solutions often use transparent plastic to realize the visibility of packaging, but this creates a new sustainability problem - excessive reliance on plastic. Currently, the global plastic recycling systems are far from perfect, with only a tiny fraction of plastics being effectively recycled, placing a heavy burden on the environment. YUTOECO's innovation is driving industry transformation. We've introduced a functional transparent film with 100% cellulose substrate, an innovation that achieves both sustainability and visibility of packaging, which is food-grade and meets the requirements of food contact materials, ensuring food safety. At present, this kind of technology has been applied to one of our catering clients. This plant-based lucent membrane boasts remarkable performance. Firstly, it is non-toxic, odorless, free from halogens. It features excellent mechanical properties and suitable surface tension, offering superior protection. Moreover, this multi-functional material offers anti-fog, waterproof, and heat-sealing capabilities while maintaining transparency. Importantly, YUTOECO's Eco lucent membrane has gotten "NO PLASTICS" Report from the third-party testing lab, and Industrial & Home Compostable Certificates (Seedling) from DIN Certco. It's eco-friendly, which can rapidly degrade in soil, causing no secondary pollution, making it remarkably environmentally friendly. What's more, the applications of this plant-based cellulose film are extensive, including visible lunchboxes, baking packaging, and even pharmaceutical packaging. This innovation not only ensures the sustainability of molded fiber packaging but also brings new opportunities and possibilities to the entire industry. It reflects that sustainability and innovation are indispensable trends in the packaging industry. In the future, YUTOECO will be continuously dedicated to packaging R&D and promoting more innovative and sustainable products to the market. We look forward to more innovations and sustainability solutions, propelling the pulp molding packaging industry toward a greener and more sustainable future.
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  • Takeaway Food Packaging: Green and Sustainable Solutions
    Takeaway Food Packaging: Green and Sustainable Solutions
    The takeaway packaging industry is experiencing a green and sustainable trend driven by multiple factors. Firstly, global emphasis on sustainability is on the rise, with governments worldwide actively implementing policies and standards to promote the green and low-carbon development of the takeaway industry. Secondly, consumer environmental awareness is rapidly increasing, with more people inclined to choose eco-friendly packaging and willing to pay extra for sustainable packaging. Simultaneously, catering businesses are actively following this trend, with eco-friendly packaging becoming an industry benchmark. As a result, more foodservice companies are responding positively by introducing distinctive eco-friendly packaging to establish new brand images. According to reports, in 2021, China's catering industry reached an impressive 4.6895 trillion CNY, and this number is expected to surge to 5.5635 trillion CNY by 2025. As of the end of 2021, there were already 540 million takeaway users, with takeaway income accounting for 21.4% of total catering income. When choosing dining options, consumers are increasingly favoring the convenience of ordering takeout over dining in. Functional Requirements for Takeaway Packaging For takeaway packaging, besides preserving the taste of dishes when they reach consumers, there are high-performance demands. Long delivery times necessitate takeaway packaging that's waterproof, greaseproof, heat-retaining, breathable, and capable of withstanding high and low temperatures. Moreover, takeaway packaging needs to adapt to various situations during its journey from the restaurant to the consumer and eventual disposal, which means the packaging structure should be easy to handle, robust, leak-resistant, and have good visibility while remaining environmentally friendly. Additionally, packaging must effectively display the client's brand information to enhance their brand image. Takeaway Packaging Solutions YUTOECO has been committed to providing the catering industry with green and sustainable solutions to meet the growing demands and challenges. We offer the following innovative solutions to address various issues in takeaway packaging, ensuring that food remains in optimal condition throughout delivery and upon arrival. Waterproof and Greaseproof At YUTOECO, we offer a range of waterproof and greaseproof solutions for takeaway packaging. Our conventional solutions use waterproof and oil-resistant agents added to the pulp during molding, providing waterproof and oil-resistant properties. This solution works effectively across a wide temperature range, from refrigeration to microwave heating. For high-water and high-oil foods, such as soups and noodles, we provide long-term waterproof and oilproof solutions, adopting lamination or coating to enhance packaging's ability to resist water and oil and ensure food remains fresh and maintains its taste. High and Low-Temperature Resistance Our packaging offers excellent high and...
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