Environmentally Friendly Packaging
The eco-friendly packaging products of YUTOECO are all made from natural plant fiber, which can be biodegraded under natural conditions, meeting clients' high standard requirements of sustainable development.
Plant Fiber Catering Packaging Plant Fiber Catering Packaging
Plant Fiber Catering Packaging

Food safety; waterproof & oil-proof; microwave & refrigerator safe

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Adhere to the sustainable concept "Turn waste into treasure and make efficient use of natural resources", the raw materials of YUTOECO are all from natural materials and agricultural wastes; the raw material is renewable and will not cause a burden to the environment.
Eco-friendly Design
The design of YUTOECO strictly complies with the principle of "Environmental Protection: 3R's"; YUTOECO is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and creating a green life for everyone!
  • Easy to Recycle

    For laminated products, we adopt an easily separated design. It is easy to recycle after using the products
  • Reduction

    Under the situation of ensuring the necessary functions, we reduce the use of packaging materials
  • Plastic Reduction

    For products cannot be totally changed to eco-friendly products, plastic reduction solutions are available
  • Reuse

    Create practical functions for packaging through unique design
End Product Processing

End Product Processing

Give full consideration for the final processing of various consumer products, and provide various sustainable solutions for end products.
  • #Biodegradable
  • #Compostable
  • #Recyclable
If products are thrown into nature, they can be biodegraded into carbon dioxide and water. In addition, our products can be composted, including home compost and industrial compost, to provide fertilizer for the plants. Other paper packaging can be classified and recycled after use.
Why Do We Choose Eco-packaging?
  • Our earth needs more eco-friendly packaging

    Our earth needs more eco-friendly packaging

  • Many countries and regions have promulgated decrees of reducing plastic packaging

    Many countries and regions have promulgated decrees of reducing plastic packaging

  • Consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging

    Consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging

  • Many companies focus on sustainable development

    Many companies focus on sustainable development

  • Pack Expo | YUTOECO invites you to create new sustainable future together
    Pack Expo | YUTOECO invites you to create new sustainable future together
    Pack Expo International will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, USA, from October 23 to 26, 2022. As a corporate brand of YUTO that focuses on environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable development, YUTOECO is committed to creating green life for everyone and will bring diversified sustainable packaging solutions to participate in this exhibition. (Booth No.: 27024  Hall: West Building) Pack Expo International is the largest and most authoritative packaging expo in North America. Since its establishment in 1995, it has developed into the largest packaging exhibition in North America, which is a highly influential professional exhibition in the global packaging industry. During this expo, YUTOECO will display a variety of eco-friendly packaging solutions for different applications, including catering packaging, consumer electronics packaging, skincare & healthcare packaging, food packaging, etc. With various and innovative surface processes, unique forming processes and packaging structure designs, it enables brands' packaging to be unique on the sustainability side. Eco-friendly surface processes, unique box designs, diversified lamination solutions, etc. Come and you will be inspired! Green Life for Everyone! YUTOECO team looks forward to exploring the packaging innovation road with you! Be there or be square!
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  • Biodegradable coffee cups will become a trend in the future!
    Biodegradable coffee cups will become a trend in the future!
    Coffee isn't an unfamiliar drink for everyone. In recent years, the coffee industry has increased fast. According to global coffee consumption data, the coffee consumption was 10.16 million tons, an increase of 0.7%. As people's living standards improved and deeply knowing about the coffee culture, the consumption of coffee in China also shows an increasing trend. According to statistics, China's coffee consumption was growing at an average annual rate of 15%, which is much higher than the global growth speed of 2%. Moreover, the coffee market will reach a scale of 1000 billion in 2025. With the rapid growth of the global coffee market, the use of coffee cups is also increasing. According to the report of the British Parliament, about 2.5 billion paper cups were abandoned per year only in Britain. As the coffee culture becomes more and more popular, the need for disposable coffee cups is increasing; there will be 5 billion paper cups abandoned per year within 7 years. As a result, environmental pollution will become more serious gradually. BMG did a survey that interviewed 1500 people and concluded that over half of the interviewers support the coffee cup tax. In addition, the Ireland environment minister announced in 2019 that Ireland would collect tax from consumers who use disposable paper cups to promote the paper cups' recycling and reuse, and to reduce the resources wastes. Why does the European environmental protection administration promulgate such strict policies on disposable coffee cups? The reason is that this kind of cup is difficult to recycle. People often abandon disposable cups everywhere, which is not easy for centralized processing. Besides, the disposable cup is not totally made of paper, but has a layer of film on its surface to resist water, which is made with plastic and polyethylene. If we want to recycle this kind of cup, we should initially separate the paper and film. However, only two companies have the technology in England, and can only dispose of 500 million cups per year, and no solution for the rest 2 billion cups. Some coffee leaders take many eco-friendly measures to reduce forest waste to respond to the government, such as encouraging customers to bring cups by themselves or recycle those cups they used, which gained some results. However, according to a report, although 4/5 of consumers are willing to abandon the cups to the recycling box, less than 0.25% of cups were recycled. The reason is, as mentioned before, this kind of cup is difficult to recycle. The only thing they did was the collection. As a consequence, the ultimate solution to this problem is to change the material of paper cups. In recent years, many pulp molded companies have begun developing biodegradable coffee cups to reduce the environmental pollution caused by disposable cups, made of bagasse, bamboo, and PLA, etc. This kind of product can be 100% biodegraded only under natural conditions. As a leading sustainable packaging company, YUTOECO...
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  • Biodegradable tableware has significant market potential!
    Biodegradable tableware has significant market potential!
    On June 30, 2020, Mcdonald's announced that thousands of canteens located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, will stop using plastic straws. Consumers can drink the cold drink directly with the new style of the lid. This measure will reduce about 400 tons of plastic per year. Nowadays, Mcdonald's has upgraded their cup lids, allowing consumers to drink cola and juice without straws. What's more, Starbucks and HEYTEA were also reducing the use of disposable plastic straws. In April 2019, Starbuck stopped using plastic straws in Shanghai and Shenzhen. For normal drinks, consumers could use a new-developed cup lid for drinking directly; for other drinks that need straws, Starbuck provides paper straws for drinking. According to the media, as of Dec. 31, 2019, Starbuck had finished changing the disposable straw in all their stores in China, which can realize their promise of stopping using plastic straws in China before 2020. HEYTEA began to promote paper in 2019. According to the report, as of the end of 2019, about 14.4% of consumers choose paper straws as their favorite types. According to data from iiMedia Research, the scale of the takeaway industry increased so fast in recent years, and the takeaway scale reached 653.6 billion in China in 2019. The development of the takeaway industry brings a lot of convenience to our daily lives, while a large amount of tableware uses takeaway bags also accelerates environmental pollution. In early 2019, Zhanglei, Shanghai CPPCC member and market supervision bureau deputy director, said that the takeaway industry increased so fast, about 2 million orders per day, needing lots of tableware and bags, which caused new white pollution. Meituan and ELEME are also aware of the problem of environmental pollution in the takeaway industry. For example, Meituan held an event called "Qingshan Plan" in 2017 to promote the environmentally friendly process of the takeaway industry, including adding a selection of "Don't need tableware", using paper to replace plastic, establishing a special fund for environmental protection, etc. YUTOECO is also listed on the first batch of the green packaging recommendation lists. According to industry insiders, reducing plastic use on straws is easy to realize, such as changing the design of cup lids or replacing the plastic straw with paper straws. While reducing the use of plastic meal boxes also faces the problem of high costs and raw material shortage. Nowadays, we mainly use plastic meal boxes in China, such as PP, PS, PET, etc. All materials mentioned above are recyclable, but citizens' awareness of garbage sorting is still weak, which causes it hard to recycle. The cost of biodegradable tableware is once or twice higher than plastic meal boxes. Many large corporations will cost thousands of money only to replace plastic straws. However, environmental protection is urgent! According to the announcement of Further Strengthen the Dealing of Plastic Pollution Opinions launc...
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