Environmentally Friendly Packaging
The eco-friendly packaging products of YUTOECO are all made from natural plant fiber, which can be biodegraded under natural conditions, meeting clients' high standard requirements of sustainable development.
Plant Fiber Catering Packaging Plant Fiber Catering Packaging
Plant Fiber Catering Packaging

Food safety; waterproof & oil-proof; microwave & refrigerator safe

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Adhere to the sustainable concept "Turn waste into treasure and make efficient use of natural resources", the raw materials of YUTOECO are all from natural materials and agricultural wastes; the raw material is renewable and will not cause a burden to the environment.
Eco-friendly Design
The design of YUTOECO strictly complies with the principle of "Environmental Protection: 3R's"; YUTOECO is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and creating a green life for everyone!
  • Easy to Recycle

    For laminated products, we adopt an easily separated design. It is easy to recycle after using the products
  • Reduction

    Under the situation of ensuring the necessary functions, we reduce the use of packaging materials
  • Plastic Reduction

    For products cannot be totally changed to eco-friendly products, plastic reduction solutions are available
  • Reuse

    Create practical functions for packaging through unique design
End Product Processing

End Product Processing

Give full consideration for the final processing of various consumer products, and provide various sustainable solutions for end products.
  • #Biodegradable
  • #Compostable
  • #Recyclable
If products are thrown into nature, they can be biodegraded into carbon dioxide and water. In addition, our products can be composted, including home compost and industrial compost, to provide fertilizer for the plants. Other paper packaging can be classified and recycled after use.
Why Do We Choose Eco-packaging?
  • Our earth needs more eco-friendly packaging

    Our earth needs more eco-friendly packaging

  • Many countries and regions have promulgated decrees of reducing plastic packaging

    Many countries and regions have promulgated decrees of reducing plastic packaging

  • Consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging

    Consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging

  • Many companies focus on sustainable development

    Many companies focus on sustainable development

  • YUTOECO x SPC Impact: Exploring new ideas for packaging sustainability
    YUTOECO x SPC Impact: Exploring new ideas for packaging sustainability
    SPC Impact is the flagship spring event of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Over 800 packaging and sustainability professionals representing the entire packaging value chain will convene in New Orleans for 3 days to learn, discuss, get inspired and bring back actionable takeaways. The SPC is a membership-based collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. SPC Impact 2024 brought together 800+ industry experts, 100+ speakers, and 40+ exhibitors, showcasing diverse eco-friendly solutions across sectors. As a sustainability solution pioneer beyond packaging and a proud sponsor, YUTOECO showcased our innovative eco-friendly products. With novel materials and unique designs, we offer sustainable packaging solutions to diverse brands. During this event, YUTOECO earned many attractions from the visitors, and did deep discussion surrounding new materials applications and product design concepts. ECO Lucent Membrane With the ongoing trend of plastic reduction, many packaging companies adopt "Paper Instead of Plastic" solutions to combat plastic pollution. However, this shift has introduced a new challenge: transparency. YUTOECO's ECO Lucent Membrane is a cellulose film derived from plant fiber. Boasting rapid soil degradation and home compostability, it ensures minimal environmental impact. Moreover, it's food-grade, guaranteeing safety, with exceptional mechanical properties for superior protection. Its multifunctional nature offers anti-fog, waterproofing, and heat-sealing capabilities. With versatile applications spanning food, baking, and pharmaceutical packaging, this innovation brings more possibility to the packaging industry and highlights the importance of sustainability and innovation. Adjustable Box Maximizing the use of packaging is a breakthrough point for sustainable packaging. Currently, most paper packaging on the market cannot be reused. Even if it can be reused, its fixed structure limits its applications. YUTOECO's adjustable boxes can freely adjust the size to better fit internal products, making them suitable for containing various types of products. Meanwhile, the adjustable size reduces gaps inside the box, minimizing vacant space and transportation volume, thus reducing carbon emissions during transportation. Its durability and adaptability enable repeated use, reducing the use of new materials and waste generation, thereby conserving natural resources. It can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle, achieving resource circulation. In addition, YUTOECO also showcased our diverse eco-friendly products at this event, such as plant fiber packaging, which can be widely applied in consumer electronics, personal care products, food, and other fields. We also introduced eco-friendly plant fiber cat litter, a patented wrapping technology, lightweight, biodegradable, and with extremely low dust, making it an innovative eco-friendly cat litter. YUTOECO has always adhered to the concept of "Turn ...
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  • Adjustable Box: The Future of Sustainability, Efficiency, and Innovation
    Adjustable Box: The Future of Sustainability, Efficiency, and Innovation
    With the continuous development of the global economy, the packaging industry is also advancing rapidly. In this age of information explosion, consumer demands for products are becoming increasingly diverse and personalized. At the same time, the strengthening of environmental awareness is driving the packaging industry towards a more sustainable direction. However, traditional packaging boxes face some challenges in meeting these demands. Currently, the packaging industry faces many issues, one of which is how to better adapt to the size and shape of products. Traditional packaging boxes are often fixed in size, while products come in various shapes and sizes. This results in gaps inside the packaging boxes, increasing packaging costs and reducing packaging efficiency. Additionally, the space occupied by packaging boxes during transportation and storage is also a concern, especially for e-commerce and logistics industries, where space utilization efficiency directly affects costs and benefits. To address current packaging issues, YUTOECO has innovatively developed an adjustable box. The unique feature of this packaging box is its adjustable size (length or width), which can flexibly adapt to products of different sizes and shapes, reducing gap filling and greatly improving packaging efficiency. At the same time, its adjustable design minimizes volume when not in use, optimizing storage and transportation space, improving transportation efficiency, and reducing costs. This innovation not only brings economic benefits but also has a positive impact on the environment because reduced transportation space also means reduced carbon emissions, contributing to climate change mitigation. Moreover, this box is made of durable corrugated paper material, which can be reused multiple times and is suitable for products of various shapes, further enhancing its sustainability and lifespan. Finally, if the adjustable box reaches the end of its life cycle after multiple reuses, it can be recycled, allowing it to be reused in a resource-friendly manner. In summary, our adjustable box is not only a revolution in traditional packaging but also a commitment to environmental protection, efficiency, and innovation. We believe that with the widespread application of adjustable boxes, it will bring new vitality and possibilities to the future development of the packaging industry.
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  • YUTOECO and SATINE's Collaboration Unveils the 100% Plant Fiber Milk Box
    YUTOECO and SATINE's Collaboration Unveils the 100% Plant Fiber Milk Box
    In the new trend of ESG carbon reduction and environmental protection, higher demands are placed on various industries. The dairy industry, as a significant part of the food and beverage sector, is particularly faced with social issues such as green development, carbon reduction, and the practice of social responsibility. SATINE, as a practitioner and leader in sustainable development, has been committed to providing consumers with more environmentally friendly and lower-carbon green products. In 2022, the "100% Plant Fiber Milk Ball" produced by YUTOECO for SATINE, was launched on the "National Low Carbon Day," powerfully leading the trend of green and low-carbon living. Following the Plant Fiber Milk Ball, at the beginning of the New Year in 2024, SATINE surprises with the "Hulunbuir Winter Prairie Limited Edition Eco-friendly Gift Box"! 01. Inspired by the Hulunbuir Winter Prairie to Interpret a Good Organic Life YUTOECO has always advocated the concept of "turning waste into treasure, efficiently utilizing natural resources," aligning perfectly with SATINE's principle of "taking from nature, giving back to nature." The designer used the "winter prairie" as a visual scene, with natural bagasse and bamboo fiber as raw materials. The box is environmentally friendly with no printing or ink, and it naturally degrades after use, returning to nature. This winter limited edition eco-friendly gift box highlights the brand's organic philosophy. 02. Integrated Design Balances Aesthetics and Functionality Traditional plant fiber packaging focuses more on protecting the product, but the weight of milk often requires additional tote bags for support. To solve this issue, in the exterior design, the designer deliberately added a handle to the gift box, giving it both protective and weight-bearing functions, perfectly maintaining the integrity of the gift box. Simultaneously, the semi-open structure is user-friendly for consumers. 03. Restore the Natural Ecological Texture of Nature With undulating shades, the pure white of ice and snow is fully displayed in the blank spaces, integrating the beauty of embossment process with plant fiber material to restore the purity and cleanliness of the Hulunbuir Winter Prairie. The designer has incorporated the concept of sustainable development throughout the entire gift box design, allowing for more possibilities and continuity in SATINE's subsequent seasonal limited edition gift box designs. A good prairie nurtures good organic milk, and good materials create excellent product packaging. YUTOECO assists SATINE in saluting the organic vitality on the winter prairie.
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