Plant Fiber Industrial Packaging
Consumer Electronics Packaging
YUTOECO can provide several forming processes for consumer electronics packaging, including dry press, high-quality dry press, and wet press, which can meet clients' diverse needs. Besides providing clients with various appearance designs (such as integrated outer packaging and diverse surface processes), multi-layers of packaging are also available to improve the packaging's vibration resistance performance, better protecting the products inside the packaging. With the anti-static design, it can effectively prevent the inner products from spoiling by the static. The meticulous production line strictly controls the size of each product.
Skin Care & Health Care Packaging
The skin-care and health care packaging embodies the brand and product's value. YUTOECO can provide whole design solutions from product shapes, structures, to surface processes. Meanwhile, we offer customized services that clients can choose the raw materials they need, like adding materials related to clients' brands, such as Chinese medicine residue and coffee grounds, which can better blend packaging with product elements, so as to strengthen the client's brand concept and build a better brand image.
Food Packaging
For food packaging, food safety is consumers' biggest concern. YUTOECO strictly controls the whole production process, and has set up a special workshop to ensure the safe production of food packaging. The meticulous production line controls the size of each product to ensure  meeting clients' requirements. What's more, natural plant fiber materials are environmentally friendly.
Cigarette & Alcohol Packaging
Besides protecting the products inside, packaging also embodies the client's brand image and concept. With diverse structures and surface processes, such as shaped design, embossment, etc., packaging can break through the original shackles, and become high-end artwork, which can better build a brand image for the client.
  • Wearproof and waterproof
    Suitable for those products without any protection treatments. Spray coating on the surface of packaging during dry pressing to increase the wearproof performance. The unique surface fogging process makes packaging have better waterproof and oil-proof performance.
  • Various Surface Processes
    Supports various surface processes, including gold stamping, jet printing, heat transfer printing, UV printing, laser, flocking, inkjet, lamination, screen printing, fiber texture, etc. What's more, surface transfer printing, gold stamping on a curved surface, UV printing on a small curved surface and multi-color gold stamping are available.
  • Integrated container type of packaging
    Available for customizing column and shaped packaging.
  • Integrated product design
    Integrated structure design; the combination of multiple processes and materials can not only achieve beautiful results but also meet the test needs of customers.
  • Diversity of materials
    As for different product elements, we can add various pulping materials (such as Chinese medicine grounds and coffee grounds) to meet clients' conceptual requirements of elements. We adopt the pulping mixing process, which uses materials totally made from plant fiber without chemical elements.

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