• Compostable
    "Compostable" means a process in which a product or material can be biodegraded under a specific and human-driven condition, then become fertilizer. This process can be used for soil optimization or used as fertilizer. Different from the process of biodegrading in natural conditions, compost needs humans to intervene. Commonly, there are 2 kinds of composting methods, home compost and industrial compost.
  • Biodegradable
    "Biodegradable" means that a product can be degraded by micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungus, then absorbed or released into nature. Biodegradation is a process that is caused by nature-exist micro-organisms. The total biodegradable process will transfer organisms into small inorganic molecules, carbon dioxide, methane and water. The degradable speed is influenced by the substance's chemical property and surrounding environment.
  • Home Compost
    Home Compost
    Home compost refers that collecting the waste foods into the rubbish bins or soil, then mixing them with home waste, which will be decomposed into more basic organics in a period of time (normally 12 months). The temperature range for home compost is from a low temperature of 0-20℃ to a middle temperature of 20-45℃. There is only a small space needed for home compost, so we can finish this process in a rubbish bin.
  • Industrial Compost
    Industrial Compost
    Industrial compost needs to screen and classify organics and inorganics first, then decompose them into small pieces with a chipping machine or grinding machine. Meanwhile, we need to create the best condition of temperature (the temperature is between 50-65℃ or higher), humidity and oxygen. In addition, the process of industrial compost needs a larger space. Therefore, industrial compost can decompose more complicated products which can not be decomposed in the home compost process.
  • Totally Paper-based
    Totally Paper-based
    Totally Paper-based
  • Pulp Molded
    Pulp Molded
    Pulp Molded
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

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