plant fiber biodegradable plate

Plant Fiber 12.5in Pulp Oval Plate

Product Parameters
  • 【Product Name】

    Plant Fiber 12.5in Pulp Oval Plate
  • 【Raw materials】

    Bamboo & Bagasse
  • 【Size】

  • 【Color】

    White / Nature
  • 【Shape】

  • 【Weight】

  • 【Microwave】

  • 【Refrigerator】

  • 【Lid】

  • 【Applications】

    Catering, coffee, baking
  • #
    Made from renewable materials such as bamboo, bagasse, etc.
  • #
    Compostable under natural conditions within 90 days
  • #
    Microwave and refrigerator safe
  • #
    Waterproof and oil-proof
  • #
    Suitable for cold and hot food

YUTOECO's compostable plant fiber plate is totally made from bamboo and bagasse, which can be biodegraded and composted under natural conditions within 90 days. Different sizes of plates are available to meet consumers' various needs. oval shape design allows you to contain fish and so on. These kinds of plates can be widely used in restaurants, cake stores, picnics, etc.

· Made from high-quality bagasse and bamboo pulp, which can be biodegraded under natural conditions within 90 days.

· Meet the standards for food contact materials in Europe and America; without fluorescent materials; safe material which can contact with food directly

· Food-grade waterproof and oil-proof agents. No leakage, safe and reliable.

· Microwave and refrigerator safe, non-poisonous and odor-free.

· Customized service for printing patterns with eco-friendly ink according to clients' needs

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