• Eco-packaging Trend
    Eco-packaging Trend
    Renewable: Renewable raw materials without burdening the environment Biodegradable: Use plant fiber raw materials, which can be totally biodegraded into CO2 and water Reduction: Reduce the use of packaging materials
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  • Plant Fiber
    Plant Fiber
    To carry out the environmental protection concept of "Use paper to replace the plastic", YUTOECO makes many breakthroughs in the plant fiber packaging field. Through the R&D and innovation of raw materials, additives and finished products, our plant fiber packaging can achieve the same performance as traditional plastic packaging, or even better, which completely realized the concept of "Use paper to replace the plastic". Composite pulp material PFAS-free oil proof agent Water-based coated paper Pulp molded bottle Renewable paper product
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  • New Fully Biodegradable Materials
    New Fully Biodegradable Materials
    Besides the plant fiber field, we also established the YUTOECO R&D institute, focusing on the innovation of new fully biodegradable materials to provide diverse sustainable packaging solutions for various industries. Biodegradable PLA bag Biodegradable heat-resistant material Biodegradable heat-resistant drinkware Biodegradable high barrier film Mature foaming molded pulp material
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