• Aaron Cheng
    Aaron Cheng
    Dean of YUTOECO Institute; The first R&D expert of YUTO; Professional intelligent packaging engineer; Shenzhen excellent engineer; Led the development of multiple innovative technologies.
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  • Edison Han
    Edison Han
    R&D Manager, The master of State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering; Bachelor of business administration; Focusing on materials of eco-packaging and bio-composite
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  • Chen
    Doctor of Materials Science from the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, dedicated to the development and application of eco-friendly materials. He is experienced in the fields of natural polymer materials, pulp and paper, and advanced functional materials
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  • Rae Guo
    Rae Guo
    R&D Manager; Senior engineer; Special part-time teacher of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and Shenzhen Polytechnic; Focusing on eco-packaging and wisdom culture
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  • Frank Mu
    Frank Mu
    Senior material engineer; Master of material science; Many years of experience on modified polymer composites; Good at the modification and research on biodegradable materials and composites.
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  • Alina Peng
    Alina Peng
    Project manager; Master; Focusing on intelligent packaging, eco-packaging, and solution of cross-media
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  • Amanda Gong
    Amanda Gong
    Senior material R&D engineer, master of materials science, has many years of experience in varnish and coating R&D and application, and is good at eco-friendly waterborne materials.
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