• Aaron Cheng
    Aaron Cheng
    Dean of YUTOECO Institute; The first R&D expert of YUTO; Professional intelligent packaging engineer; Shenzhen excellent engineer; Led the development of multiple innovative technologies
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  • Edison Han
    Edison Han
    R&D Manager, The master of State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering; Bachelor of business administration; Focusing on materials of eco-packaging and bio-composite
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  • Chen
    Doctor of Materials Science from the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, dedicated to the development and application of eco-friendly materials. He is experienced in the fields of natural polymer materials, pulp and paper, and advanced functional materials
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  • Rae Guo
    Rae Guo
    R&D Manager; Senior engineer; Special part-time teacher of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and Shenzhen Polytechnic; Focusing on eco-packaging and wisdom culture
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  • Saud Khalid
    Saud Khalid
    As the Doctor of Food Science and Engineering, and the Postdoctoral Fellow of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, Saud, under the guidance of Professor Yu Long, a famous starch expert, specializes in polymer modification and development of special starch. Now he is the head of the polymer project team of YUTOECO Research Institute.
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  • Frank Mu
    Frank Mu
    Senior material engineer; Master of material science; Many years of experience on modified polymer composites; Good at the modification and research on biodegradable materials and composites.
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  • Alina Peng
    Alina Peng
    Project manager; Master; Focusing on intelligent packaging, eco-packaging, and solution of cross-media
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  • Amanda Gong
    Amanda Gong
    Senior material R&D engineer, master of materials science, has many years of experience in varnish and coating R&D and application, and is good at eco-friendly waterborne materials.
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