As a corporate R&D institute of YUTO, YUTOECO R&D Institute focuses on research and development of new eco-friendly technologies, new green materials and relevant products, and is committed to providing our clients with valuable and innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

The R&D direction of YUTOECO R&D Institution includes two aspects: Plant fiber and new biodegradable. Especially in the fields of packaging reduction, renewal, and biodegradation, we have very in-depth studies, such as PFAS-free waterproof & oil-proof plant fiber packaging, high-barrier biodegradable film, water-based coating paper, renewable paper products, etc.

YUTOECO's R&D team gathered lots of experts and talents from various industries covering material science, packaging engineering, intelligent packaging, etc., which is a talented team composed of international professors, experts, senior engineers, doctors, masters, etc.

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